A story of tragedies that are turned into triumph.

image of To Lose But Not Fail book

Guided by a strong belief in "never giving up", "keep carrying the fire", and "triumph in the face of severe adversity", three beliefs instilled by his role model parents, William and Mary Anne Gannon, William J Gannon has devoted his life to imbuing these principles in others. Gannon used his personal tragedies to transform himself into a motivational role model for others, convincing them that hope can overcome adversity and perseverance will triumph.

This book, To Lose But Not Fail, will be a catalyst for others in this world to never lose hope. Everyone has tragedies in their lives. At times, it rains on everyone. Darkness often overtakes the light. It is during these times that many people give up hope. They lose sight of their goals and dreams. Rather than staying on track, people often fall into habits of self-destruction, using drugs and alcohol and other harmful behavior.

Gannon has shown that these behaviors are not the path towards healing.

"...Bill’s resolve through his personal tragedies has proven over and over again that the strength of his character is unmatched.

...From that boy hanging off my arm looking up to me, Bill has grown into a man whom I admire, a man from whom most men can learn. I’m honored to be in his life and to have him consider me one of his closest friends, as I consider him one of mine."

- Ron Garney
Illustrator for Marvel Comics and Storyteller

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